Autism           Massage              Specialist                  
The gift of massage for ourselves,loved ones and individuals with Autism and Special Needs have increasingly become a life changing necessity!

Massage therapy is a proven method to decrease stress from everyday life, including managing behavioral issues for individuals living with Autism and Special Needs. In the past, having Autism, meant autistic children were incapable of forming attachments to others. By providing massage therapy as a form of touch therapy. Children and adults who receive massage are able to attain mental, spiritual, and physical relaxation. Therefore allowing these individuals to form meaningful attachments to others!  

Autism Massage Specialist use a variety of massage techniques to improve relaxation and decrease tension, greatly improve digestion, benefiting mental alertness and concentration. Our techniques benefit the mind and body of our loved ones with Autism, Special Needs, everyone and anyone wanting to distress.

Our massage techniques promote:

Happiness, Peace of Mind, and Relaxtion  

Improve Quality of Sleep

  • Reduction of Muscle Spasms and Stiffness
  • Relief of Anxiety and Aggression 
  • Improved Joint Mobility and Flexibility 
  • Pain Relief from Muscle tension
  • A Balanced Flora in the Intestines
  • Increased Movement in Atrophied Muscles
  • Release of Endorphins, the bodies natural Painkiller and Antidepressant
  • Improved Digestion
  • Stress Reduction
  • A Healthy Immune System

Call now regarding sessions in 30 minutes that may change your Holistic approach to life!

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(915) 780-9939 Melecia Garcia LMT,LMI 
David BustamanteLMT,LMI
Linda RamirezLMT

Our special techniques relax the muscle fibers that retain tention, and allow a neomuscular response.
Autism Massage Specialist provide New Possbilities for parents of Autistic children and Special Needs, reach a higher level of relaxtion for their children.
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